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No gRANpa DON'T STICK ThAt THAR!, I basiclly stole Happy Hitler Socom's name! Sorry! Although I do love the Socom Sqaud!

Our new Series: (goofy Smiley face is gay!)

2007-08-10 13:47:12 by Sean-Bon-Jovi

Chris Walken Clock (Chriswalkingclock) and I Have started a whole new series, but don't worry, It will not be crap! It is called Colenel Bastard Pants! We have the theme song right now!(themesong: ! Colonel Bastard Pants Theme!) ) And we have started out character design.

I will be about some guy who does really mean stuff to different people and it will be funny! The Pilot episode he makes fun of the US military troops dieing in Iraq and then when his power point slideshow doesn't work he calls customer service and they play a trick on him!

Hope fully I can get 5-8 episodes made over the school year, I do not know when they will be released but I will get some kids at school to do the voice acting!

YehAWWWWWW I'm Colenel Bastardpants and today we are gonna be Assholes!: this is his catch phrase

Our new Series: (goofy Smiley face is gay!)

Who is Your Favorite Crew

2007-07-19 21:35:19 by Sean-Bon-Jovi

I'm taking a vote on your favorite crew. Choose between: the SOCOM squad, Clocks, glocks, locks, star sydicate (whatever the speeling) or kitty crew.


2007-07-18 15:32:11 by Sean-Bon-Jovi

I like this ne news thing, but alot of the new stuff takes a long time to load on gay AOL.

I need to actually make more good flash cartoons, I am putting out most of my cartoons on clock day, because I have about 2 or 3 that have to do with clocks. I had two cartoons that were blammed and a crappy song that was posted, this was just crap I submitted when I was a noobie. On clock day I am also submitting a game. I need to get with m friends and write better jokes into my cartoons. I hope I get everything done by my deadline. I need more cartoon ideas though I'm running out.

I'm making the game for clock day but it might be delated because I'm having a lot of programming trouble.